False Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation
False Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation
False Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

Budget Self Catering False Bay Accommodation. Cheap Accommodation In False Bay With Guest Reviews & Ratings. Budget Holiday Accommodation In False Bay

Scuba diving at the southern tip of Africa is for adventurers. The waters of this area are full of fish, and this implies that the great hunters of the underwater world are present everywhere, the conditions of diving can be a challenge due to the strong currents and the visibility that can vary between 5 and 30 meters . However, there is no doubt that South Africa and Mozambique are required diving destinations for both experienced divers and adventurers looking for unforgettable pelagic encounters.

Almost all divers have heard of the sardine run from Durban. A natural spectacle in which every year millions of sardines migrate along the African coast, tirelessly pursued by hungry hunters. Since only a few lucky ones can attend this event, it is worth diving in South Africa, as it offers fascinating dive sites and a variety of fish that can be sighted regardless of the season.

Dives in Cape Town offer fantastic encounters with large pelicans. From October to May (summer months in Cape Town), you can see mako sharks and blue sharks in the open sea. From May to September you can see great white sharks hunting whales at False Bay. In addition, divers can spot mottled sharks, seals and even a small colony of small penguins throughout the year in the region of seaweed forests.

Holiday Accommodation in False Bay

You can also swim with a great quantity and variety of fish around you: barracudas, snappers, endless banks of tunas, kingfish, jureles … several types of striped manta and even humpback whales.

False Bay and Garden Route: known as “False Bay” south of Cape Town, owes its name to the fact that the first navigators thought they could sail across the Bay of Cape Town, and that the peninsula was no more than an island. Its waters have warmer temperatures than the side of the Atlantic coast, making its abundant beaches enjoyable places for diving. Bear in mind that it is the only area on our list that does not enjoy a tropical climate, but a Mediterranean climate so temperatures will not be as warm as on the shores of Kwazulu-Natal.

However, it is closer to Cape Town and can offer good dives. False Bay offers the diver such a variety that is difficult to classify as a specific type of dive since the places vary greatly in the composition of the bottom and the fauna, and while the western zone is characterised by the rocky terrain of its cliffs, in the More eastern the bottoms are sandy, but on both sides of the bay we will find dense and beautiful seaweed forests harboring a large number of fish species and even pajama sharks, and on a sunny day at a diving site 10-14m Depth the colors of corals and marine plants are truly amazing.

Gordons Bay, Rooi Els and some areas of Simon’s Town feature spectacularly orange or bright red sea fans, many starfish, soft corals in pink and purple tones and freshwater fish. A short distance from Cape Town are the towns of Hermanus and Gansbaai, where in addition to being able to see southern right whales from June to November, is a place known by sr one of the few in the world to perform cage dives to see up close to the fierce white shark.

Holiday Accommodation in False Bay

And finally, if we go a little further east along the Garden Route we will find the rather warm, quiet and protected waters of Mossel Bay with good conditions for diving.

If you are passionate about scuba diving and diving and would like to discover the marine treasures that South Africa offers do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you the best destinations to immerse yourself in the best of trips, with the possibility of combining the charms of the southernmost country of the continent with other good paradises for diving like Mozambique, Mauritius or Seychelles. See you in the depths!

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